American Studies Minor

Required courses:

AMS 111 Introduction to American Studies

At least two of:

AMS 220 American Popular Culture: Production and Consumption
AMS 223 American Thought and Culture
AMS 225 Democracy in America
AMS 280 Gender and Sexual Minorities in America Culture

At least two of:

AMS 328 Film and the American Identity
AMS 362 Multiculturalism and the American Identity


One additional AMS course or any of the following courses that directly pertain to the study of American society and culture:

HIS 230 Electing the President
HIS 330 The Ruling Class
LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
MSC 201 Music of the United States
POL 110 The Architecture of American Power
POL 230 Electing the President
POL 312 American Foreign Policy
POL 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
PSY 247 Psychological Perspectives on Gender
REL 120 Religious Diversity in America
SOC 162 Race and the Intersections of Identity