Art & Art History Major:
Art History Concentration

The art history concentration emphasizes research and professional training in museum and art-world careers. In-depth courses in Renaissance, Modern, and Contemporary Art are complemented by interdisciplinary studies in Color and Culture, Art and Film, and the History of Photography. Here students acquire valuable research and presentation skills while exploring the diverse worlds of art, architecture, and museums. 

Art Major Core:

ART 103
ART 112
ART 114
ART 116

Required courses:


ART 404
ART 406


Seven additional courses from the following, at least six of which must be in art history:

ART 214
ART 312
ART 316
ART 320
ART 328
ART 330
ART 332
ART 340
ART 351
ART 391 Special Topics in Art History
ART 400 Internship