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Art History Minor

The minor in art history offers a condensed approach to the study of art and architecture—beginning with a three-part survey of global art history followed by a choice of three additional courses from the catalog. Because art history emphasizes visual traditions from a broad range of cultures and time periods, the minor serves as an ideal complement for students majoring in history, international studies, languages, literature, philosophy, or religion.


All art history courses at LVC fulfill General Education requirements—including Liberal Studies Area 5 (Literature and Fine Arts), Foreign Studies, and Disciplinary Perspectives—and many courses carry the Writing Process designation. Click here for more information about the College's GE program.


Required courses:

ART 112 Westrn Art I: Prehist-Medieval
ART 114 Western Art II: Ren. - Modern
ART 116 Non-Western Art


Two additional art history courses, one of which must be at the 300 or 400 level.

ART 214 History of Photography
ART 312 Renaissance Art
ART 316 Baroque Art
ART 320 Art and Revolution: 1776-1863
ART 328 Modern Art
ART 330 Contemporary Art:1980-Present
ART 332 Art and the Moving Image
ART 340 Museum Studies
ART 351 Color and Culture
ART 391 Special Topics in Art History
ART 404 Art History: Theory and Method


One additional art history or studio art course

Choose one course from the list above or any studio art course from the department catalog.