Art & Art History Major:
Studio Art Concentration

The studio art concentration emphasizes contemporary art practice as an exploration of concepts and materials. Working in a range of media, our students develop and refine a unique artistic vision that culminates in a thesis exhibition and a professional art portfolio. In the process of discovery that accompanies studio art, students acquire the ability to solve problems, design innovative exhibitions, and communicate effectively. Advanced Studio (ART 405), which can be repeated up to three times for increased depth, allows students to create an independent body of work that they exhibit on the LVC campus. Advanced Studio also fosters explorations of additional media, such as film or textiles, that are not offered through regular courses.

Art Major Core:

ART 103 Visual Thinking
ART 112 Westrn Art I: Prehist-Medieval
ART 114 Western Art II: Ren. - Modern
ART 116 Non-Western Art

Required courses:


ART 209 Sculpture I: Material and Form
ART 405 Advanced Studio
ART 406 Portfolio & Professional Dev.


One additional course form the following:

ART 205 Drawing I: Material and Form
ART 217 Drawing II: The Human Form


Four additional courses from the following:

ART 211 Darkroom Photography
ART 217 Drawing II: The Human Form
ART 219 Painting I: Color and Form
ART 221 Painting II: Water-Based Med.
ART 223 Ceramics I: Material and Form
ART 225 Printmaking
ART 231 Digital Photography
ART 400 Internship


One additional course from the following:

ART 305 Drawing III: Illustration
ART 309 Pastel
ART 311 Photography II: Concept/Techn
ART 315 Sculpture II: Mater. & Concpt
ART 319 Painting III: Concept & Techn
ART 323 Ceramics II: Material/Concept
ART 392 Special Topics in Studio Art