Visiting Artists Program

In addition to ongoing interaction with department faculty, Art & Visual Culture students learn from visiting professional artists. This important aspect of the program ranges from informal studio visits to formal lectures and studio critiques.

In the fall of 2013 we welcomed artist and art historian, Roman Verostko. Born in Tarrs, a coal mining region of Western Pennsylvania, Verostko first studied illustration at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating, Verostko took up philosophy at St Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, before entering the seminary to study theology, eventually becoming a Benedictine monk. Verostko will share with LVC art students the ideas that dominated his practice as an artist over the last 66 years. He identifies “form-generating” ideas from early 20th Century pioneers of non-objective art that influenced his pre-algorist work. Verostko illustrates how those underlying concepts shaped his approach to structuring algorithms for creating art. The artist illustrates the transition from what he calls “art-idea guiding hand” to “art-idea guiding machine”. He identifies the power of algorithmic form generators and the unique qualities of form they can yield.

During the Spring 2012 semester, Lancaster, Pa., artist Francine Fox visiting for two days of teaching and a presentation of her work. The department also hosts an informal presentation every few months by an accomplished professional artist. Students hear the stories of working artists—how they became artists, and what their work means to them—while enjoying pizza and snacks. Recent artists include:

The department is home to Artist-in-Residence Daniel Massad, a nationally recognized still life painter whose intricate pastel images are in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. When not teaching in the department, Massad's studio, which is just down the road from LVC, is open to students for visits.