Co-curricular Experiences

A well-organized co-curricular assessment program will support the development of a high quality experience for all LVC students. The following is a review of the co-curricular assessment program that will guide division/departmental planning and program development, assess student learning, and inform resource allocation.

The congruence between the Student Affairs Division and departmental mission statements, both of which reflect institutional mission, serves as the foundation for all activities within our area. LVC’s Institutional Learning (General Education) goals, aligned with LVC Strategic Planning Goals 1 and 2, will further direct activities focused on supporting, engaging, and educating our students. From these, departmental goals and objectives (corresponding resource allocation/program development) have been established to guide the work of the student affairs team.

Linked to the above will be our efforts to routinely assess the impact, quality/value of student learning in three areas:

  • Growth and Personal Development (critical thinking, effective communication skills, decision making, ethical reasoning, teamwork, leadership, etc...) 
  • Personal/Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement (volunteerism, societal issues, service to community, etc.) 
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity 

Through the assessment of key programs and activities incorporating direct measures of assessment related to student learning, we will evaluate the impact of key programs/experiences to include:

  • Leadership/Mentoring Programs (RA’s, peer mentors, student governance, athletics, etc.) 
  • Social Justice Institute 
  • Project CLOSE up & Career Development Experiences
  • Extended Service Project/Alternative Spring Break 
  • Student Conduct System 
  • Women’s Leadership Symposium 
  • Multicultural Student Bridge Program 
  • Residential Education & other co-curricular educational programing.
  • Co-curricular Employment 

A template is in development to link all of the above, thus aligning ground level work directly with LVC Institutional Learning (General Education) and Strategic Planning Goals.

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