Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology as a Discipline
The continuum of biochemistry and molecular biology research has been one of the most active areas of scientific inquiry in recent decades. At the core of the Life Science disciplines, the area of biochemistry and molecular biology seeks to understand fundamental processes of life. Because it provides a detailed theoretical understanding of the chemistry of biomolecules, biochemistry is the most fundamental of the basic biomedical sciences. Molecular biology, which explains the processes of genetics in terms of the molecules that carry genetic information, has served as the framework for the many new exciting advances in medicine and biotechnology.

The disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology are now, and will continue to be, active growing areas of scientific research. To help meet the need for scientists in these areas, Lebanon Valley College initiated a B.S degree in biochemistry in 1979 and soon after added the area of molecular biology.

The biochemistry and molecular biology (BCMB) degree at Lebanon Valley, jointly administered by the departments of biology and chemistry, encourages students to develop strong backgrounds in both biology and chemistry, while still giving them flexibility and choice. Upper-level elective courses within the BCMB program allow our students to custom tailor their individual degrees for a variety of career options. Among these career options are medicine, life science research, pharmaceutical sciences, bioanalytical chemistry, microbiology, and many more.

Student Research
Why do we value research as part of our program? Engaging students in genuine research makes all the difference in truly understanding science and how experimentation contributes useful knowledge. It is within the context of individual research projects that students actually begin to gain a truly functional knowledge of the principles that they learn in their coursework.

Since its inception, the BCMB program has offered research opportunities in the research laboratories of its faculty here at LVC, during the summer months or during the academic year. From proteins to plants and neurons to T-cells, the BCMB faculty have a diverse array of research interests spanning the BCMB continuum. Our faculty work hard to garner essential grant support for its research with undergraduates. Within the newly renovated Neidig-Garber Science Center, each faculty member has a dedicated research laboratory as well as equipment and instrumentation to carry out advanced experimentation in their discipline. Further, our faculty regularly collaborate with each other and with faculty at outside institutions to apply the best skills to their research questions.

But don't simply take our word for what we do. Our students achieve measurable outcomes while they at LVC: our students present their work at professional meetings and some publish articles in scientific journals. Overall, our students achieve good things as graduates of the LVC BCMB program.