Health Professions

Health-professions schools require a sound science preparation along with a broad background in the humanities and social sciences. Thus, all medical schools require the following courses:

BIO 111 General Biology I
BIO 112 General Biology II
BIO 113
BIO 114
CHM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 112 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 113 Introductory Laboratory I
CHM 114 Introductory Laboratory II
CHM 213 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 214 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 215 Organic Laboratory I
CHM 216 Organic Laboratory II
ENG 111 English Communications I
ENG 112 English Communications II
MAS 161 Calculus I
PHY 103 General College Physics I
PHY 104 General College Physics II

In addition, many schools recommend the following courses: BIO 201 Genetics

BIO 221 Mammalian Anatomy
BIO 304 Developmental Biology
CHM 311 Physical Chemistry I
CHM 312 Physical Chemistry II

Biological courses that are not specifically recommended but should help in a health-professions school are: BCMB 401 Molecular Biology

BCMB 421 Biochemistry I
BCMB 422 Biochemistry II
BIO 305 Cell and Tissue Biology
BIO 306 Microbiology
BIO 322 Vertebrate Physiology
BIO 323 Introduction to Immunology