Graduate & Professional Studies – Tuition and Fees

2015-16 Current Semester Fees***

Part-time undergraduate: Day

$650/credit hour*

Part-time undergraduate: Evening

Part-time undergraduate: Summer 2016 

$495/credit hour*

$465/credit  hour*

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


$495/credit hour

$610/credit hour


$575/credit hour


$575/credit hour

Private Music Instruction (part-time undergraduate)

$650/credit hour

Private Music Instruction (part-time graduate) 

$715/credit hour

Laboratory fee

$60/lab course


Fees charged at part-time rate (as listed above)

LVC alumni, high school students, senior citizens (age 62 or older)

**$325/credit hour

*12 or more credit hours per semester constitute full-time undergraduate status and are charged at the full-time rate.

**Discounted tuition rates apply for all part time courses (day, evening, and weekend) except graduate courses, individual music instruction, independent study, internships, and physical therapy courses.

***2015-16 Current Semester Fees are effective with courses scheduled in the fall 2015 semester. Please contact the Business Office to review summer 2015 fees.

Special Fees

Change of registration:


Late registration




Challenge exam


Experiential credit review


Late payment fee:


Senior Citizen Audit Fee:


Returned check fee: