About Career Development

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Our Mission
The Center for Career Development engages students to become active participants in developing and implementing their career plans and graduate/professional school pursuits. The office plays a unique and complementary role in the overall educational experience of students by helping them acquire knowledge and skills for effective performance to enter the world of work. The Center for Career Development joins the College in affirming the interrelatedness of liberal learning and the ideal of vocation.

Our Goals
  • To provide students with individual assistance in developing and clarifying their skills, interests, values, goals, and personality preferences for career choices and effective performance in the workplace and other professional settings;
  • To develop career programs and events to assist students in their career planning and preparation for the workplace and/or graduate school pursuits;
  • To develop partnerships with faculty to supplement and strengthen student learning outcomes in the classroom; 
  • To maintain current and foster new recruiting efforts with employers that result in the advertisement of career positions and internships to LVC students and alumni; to build quality working relationships with regional employers; 
  • To efficiently manage and market the career development operation by making current and comprehensive career resources (i.e. technologies, assessments, literature, etc.) available to relevant constituencies (students, alumni, employers, faculty, parents, and the LVC community) with ample instruction for their use; 
  • To conduct systematic assessments and evaluations of services, organizational resources, policies, and personnel for consistency with best practices and current research.

Our Core Functions and Activities
Key programs, events, and resources help students to:
  • Explore possibilities for majors and careers;
  • Gather information for making informed career decisions;
  • Connect with others through networking events and alumni mentoring programs;
  • Build a professional profile that demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and leadership potential sought by employers;
  • Gain experience through work, internships, volunteer/community service, and participation in campus organizations;
  • Find employment opportunities related to career aspirations through career fairs, on-campus interviews, networking events, and an automated career management system;
  • Plan for graduate school with suggested timelines, practice admission tests, and assistance with the writing of personal statements; and
  • Transition to the world of work by constructing strong resumes and convincing cover letters, demonstrating effective presentation skills for interviews, researching employers, and choosing/requesting professional references.
Our intention is to offer quality resources and services to help students explore options and be active participants in their job search. We are unable to 'place' individuals in an employment setting. An overview of specific resources, programs, and events for students may be found in the Resources for Students and What’s Happening sections of the Center's website.

Key programs, events, and services to assist employers may be found in the Resources for Employers section of the career development website.

Key programs, events, and services to support faculty may be found in the Resources for Faculty section of the career development website.

Our Policies
Policies and Agreements Concerning Employers
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