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INTERVIEW PREP FOR STUDENTS. New software provides student access to practice video interview software to increase interview success.

The Center for Career Development is proud to announce the availability of InterviewStream's practice video interviewing platform to LVC students in preparation for future job interviews. Upon login through the LVC JobCenter system, students can select from the standard interview questions to specific questions related to their field of study from a total of over 7,000 questions. Graduate program and medical school interview practices are available as well.

It is extremely likely that a student will be asked to participate in a video interview in the job application phase so it's best to start preparing sooner, especially in such competitive job markets.

For more information and to get started students are encouraged to visit the Center for Career Development.


About InterviewStream.  InterviewStream, Inc. is the original provider of pre-recorded and live video interviewing solutions. The product suite of proprietary online technology provides video interview solutions to hundreds of career centers, employers, executive search firms, staffing firms, and the world's leading global career transition firm. InterviewStream offers a range of 100 percent Web-based solutions that can help organizations be more efficient in saving time and resources while quickly realizing a return on investment. Clients use pre-recorded and live video interview management systems for interview preparation, pre-screening candidates and interviewing remote talent.