Project CLOSE-UP

A Career Exploration Program for First-year Students

Shadowing a professional in the workplace is one of the best ways to learn what a job is really like - from the inside.

Project CLOSE-UP, a career shadowing program, targets first-year students (freshmen) for a unique opportunity to gain exposure to jobs and workplaces with volunteer alumni Career Connections mentors.

During Project CLOSE-UP you will have the chance to spend a day with an alumnus of LVC at their place of work. Your day could include a tour of the organization, talks with various people who work there, and observations of a typical day's duties, meetings, or programs. This is the time for asking all the questions that some people wish they had asked before they were hired.

Program Purposes and Goals
  • To complement and strengthen the advising of undecided majors and other students in need of career exploration activities.
  • To provide identified students with an opportunity to gain exposure to a specific job and career field through a day of observation with an alumni mentor of the Career Connections program.
What's Expected
  • Students will work with the Center for Career Development to identify a Career Connectionsmentor to shadow and will complete a minimum of a 1/2 day (most assignments will be a full work day) at their work site.
  • Students will attend a pre-shadowing preparation seminar prior to the day(s) of shadowing. The seminar will included assistance with:
          -  Making the initial
     contact with the mentor and arranging a schedule for the site visit.
          -  Conducting informational interviews. 
          -  Completing a SkillScan Professional Profile.
          -  Presenting oneself professionally in the workplace and learning follow-up guidelines for after the visit.
  • Students will prepare a 2-4 page reflection summary of their shadowing experience and participate in a celebration reception at the conclusion of the program.
  • Requirements. This program is open to first-year students (freshmen); strongly recommended for open/undeclared majors. Minimum GPA for participation is 2.5/4.0. Students will be expected to arrange and be responsible for their own transportation

How to Apply

  • Submit the requested written application expressing your interest in participating in Project CLOSE-UP. Identify three potential alumni mentors you would be interested in shadowing from the Career Connections database. Schedule an interview with the Center for Career Development.
  • Students will be notified of their acceptance status. Career Development personnel will make the initial contact with prospective mentors identified by the student applicants to inquire of their availability. Students will be informed of the location for their shadowing experience and the Career Connections mentor with whom they are paired.
  • Please review the Important Dates section below for application deadlines, pre-shadowing workshop dates and other information associated with each option.

Important Dates
Application deadline: February 18, 2015
Applicant interviews: March 2015
        Notification of acceptance: March 2015
        Pre-shadowing workshop: Saturday or Sunday, April 11 or 12, 2015
Shadowing Days: May 1 - July 1, 2015
        Reflection papers due: July 10, 2015
Celebration Reception: TBD, Fall 2015