Health Care Management

Health Care Management is growing fast, and we can get you there faster.

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Health Care Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the job market. Our Certificate in Health Care Management is the perfect way to advance your career now, and make yourself ready for every opportunity in the future. You don’t need a business major to enter the business of health care, just a fast start with the right courses at LVC.

You choose the healthcare profession because it was rewarding.
Now you’re finding out there are even greater rewards in management. You could go back to school for four years. Or get your Certificate in Health Care from at our convenient Dixon Center location in Harrisburg in fifteen months.

You’re a beginning manager who wants every edge for success.
Congratulations! Your drive and expertise has already put you on the management success track.
But business is about moving forward, and our Certificate can be a powerful catalyst for career growth.

Every industry is looking for leaders just like you.
Business is personal. Your desire to succeed, belief in yourself and confidence in your skills can take you anywhere. And in just eight courses over 15 months, you can make your career take off. 

Post-Bachelor Certificate in Health Care Management

Required courses (24 credits):

HCM 701 Accounting Fundamentals
HCM 702 Survey of Economics
HCM 703 Prin. of Marketing & Managemnt
HCM 705 Data-Based Decision-Making
HCM 706 Fundamentals of Finance
MBA 801 Intro to Healthcare Management
MBA 802 Eth/Legal Issues in Healthcare
MBA 891 Special Topics in HCM

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Use your credential to your advantage. Completion of this certificate will also satisfy the foundational coursework for individuals applying to the MBA Program who do not have an undergraduate major in business.

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