CMI Policies

  1. Instructors are permitted one absence for professional reasons and one absence for illness per semester.
  2. Lessons missed by the student due to illness will be made up at the discretion of the teacher. The student must notify the teacher of the absence before the lesson.
  3. In the case of students missing their lesson, other than illness and pre-discussed circumstances, the lesson will not be made up unless the teacher has advance notification.
  4. Lessons missed due to the student's lack of preparation will not be made up.
  5. Lessons missed without notifying the instructor 24 hours in advance will not be made up.
  6. A maximum of two lessons will be made up for each semester.
  7. If tuition is not paid in full, subsequent invoices will be issued.
  8. If an unpaid balance persists over an academic year, the department has the right to terminate lesson privileges until full payment is made.
  9. The Blair Music Center policy demands no food or drink in the building.