5050 Peer Helpers

The 5050 Peer Helpers for 2016-17 are students Vidya Lala '17, Maureen Fleming ’17, James Willey ’17, and Jonathan Jones '18. They are available by phone (717-867-5050), email (5050@lvc.edu), or walk-in appointments in Counseling Services, 2nd floor Shroyer Health Center. Students utilize the one-on-one meetings privately with Peer Helpers to discuss such issues as long distance relationships, academic concerns, and social anxiety. 5050 also run weekend social supportive groups called “OASIS” and “60 Minutes. They have completed Green Dot Bystander Training and Title IX Training for reporting sexual assault; as such are mandated reporters.


  Vidya Lala
  Year: Senior
  Major: Biology
  Minor: Chemistry
  Hometown: Trichardt, South Africa (originally), Mechanicsburg, PA
  Interests/Hobbies: Dabbling on the piano (chop sticks), singing off key in the shower, running around like crazy   on campus and bike rides anywhere and everywhere
  Fun Fact: My sister Amisha and I will graduate together this year! She’ll have a doctorate in PT and I’ll have a     B.A. in Bio.
  Maureen Fleming
  Year: Senior
  Major: Psychology
  Minor: Spanish
  Hometown: Washington Township, Sewell, NJ
  Interests/Hobbies: Meditating, third-wheeling, & going to J&S
  Fun Fact: I got my 6th concussion while working in the 50/50 office in Shroyer Health Center.
  James Willey
  Year: Senior
  Major: Psychology
  Hometown: Rehobeth Beach, DE
  Interests/Hobbies: Playing video games like my favorite, "Pokemon Yellow", watching "The   Wire", and just hanging out.
  Fun Fact: My all-time record for consecutive push-ups is 1,000
  Jonathan Jones
  Year: Junior
  Major: Criminal Justice
  Hometown: Plant City, FL
  Interests/Hobbies: Football, watching romantic movies, gym time, and working security at Chocolate World.
  Fun Fact: I'm a good conversationalist: I can talk your ear off without even knowing it!


OASIS (Overcoming Adverse Situations in School) is a social, supportive group that is facilitated each Saturday from 6-7 p.m. by the 50/50 Peer Helpers. They cover topics such as building relationships, coping with stress, reading social cues, and speaking up. The group encourages any student to come that has difficulty connecting with others in the classroom or in their social life. The group encourages students to join at any point in the semester.

60 Minutes
60 Minutes is a supportive social group facilitated by 50/50 Peer Helpers on every Sunday night school is in session. They meet in the Tweedie rooms in Mund College Center, Sundays from 6-7pm. Students who like to discuss a variety of current events either on the local, national, or international level find themselves in this group. Come join the lively conversation at any point during the semester!

Educational Outreach
Peer Helpers are available to provide educational programming to various student groups including RA’s, Greeks, and Athletes by calling 868-5050 or email (5050@lvc.edu) to schedule. They are available to present on Alcohol and Drug Education, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Suicide Prevention. 50/50 Peer Helpers attend all Counseling Services Events such as Eating Disorder Awareness, Vagina Monologues, Health Screenings, and DeStress Breaks.

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Counseling Services

Shroyer Health Center (2nd floor)


Monday–Friday (8 a.m-4:30 p.m.)

5050 Peer Helpers

717-868-5050 or 



The counseling center has a full-time licensed psychologist and a part-time licensed clinical social worker on staff that are able to provide individuals, couples, and group therapy to undergraduates using a short term model. Medical evaluations by a consulting psychiatrist are also available.