Communications Concentration

Communications concentrators specialize in telling stories that influence our daily lives. They persuade, inform, and move viewers through the stories they create—stories in writing, visuals, audio, and video. Online and off, communication concentrators create powerful, purposeful messages in fields such as journalism, communications, public relations, advertising, and social media.

Students who opt for a concentration in Communications must complete four courses from the following, with at least three taken at the 300-level:

DCOM 298 Special Topics in Communications
DCOM 340 Videography
DCOM 341 Editing/Post-Production
DCOM 343 Sound Design
DCOM 380 Advertising
DCOM 382 Editing for Web and Mobile Communication
DCOM 383 Public Relations
DCOM 385 Storytelling with Data
DCOM 387 Social Media: History, Theory and Practice
DCOM 398 Special Topics in Communications
DCOM 465 Internet Marketing

Subject to the approval of the advisor, one course may be taken outside of the concentration and/or department.