Frequently Asked Meal Plan Questions

1. How many different meal plans are there?
There are mainly three different meal plans for resident students, however, each plan has different options depending on the amount of Flex Dollars the students would like to begin the semester with. More information on each plan and the options can be found on the Meal Plan/Program Options page.

  • Gold - 220 meals per semester.
  • Silver - 190 meals per semester.
  • Bronze - 150 per semester.
  • There is also a 75 or 45 meal plans available for commuter students only.

2. Can a new resident student choose any of the three plans?
No, all new students can choose only from the Gold Plan options or one of the higher Silver Plan options. They can change their meal plan for the second semester of their first academic year, by completing a meal change form through the Student Affairs Office (717-867-6233).

3. Can upperclass students change their meal plan anytime during the year?
No, meal plans must be changed by August 20 for first semester and by January 7 for second semester.

4. Can I use my meal card more than once per meal period?

5. In what dining facility can I use my meal plan?
Your meal exchange can be used in the Mund Dining Hall only. Your Flex Dollars can be used at Mund Dining Hall, InterMetzo, and the Dutchmen Den.

6. Who can use my meal plan?
Only you, the cardholder, may use your meal card and have meals deducted from your meal plan.

7. What happens to unused meals at the end of each semester?
Unused meals will not carry over from one semester to the next.

8. Where and how can I use my guest passes?
You can use your guest passes in the Mund Dining Hall.  These guest passes will be considered a meal off of your dining plan.

9.How do I add flex to my student's account?

Flex can be added by cash, check, or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to Metz Culinary and can be mailed to the following address:

Metz Culinary
ATTN: Amy Hartman
101 North College Ave.
Annville PA 17003

Checks may also be turned in by the student at any of our dining facility registers.  Cash may also be handled this way.  For check or cash payment, please include your student's name an ID number.  If you wish to pay with credit, please contact Amy Hartman at 717-867-6850

10. What happens if I lose my meal card?
Your card is usually replaced within 48 hours. You will be charged $20 for the new card. Please contact Public Safety to replace your card.