Chapter 354-PDE

Act 354 of the Pennsylvania School Code requires that:

• All students be admitted to teacher certification candidacy before the student teaching semester.

• Admission to teacher certification candidacy is contingent upon:

1. completion of a minimum of 48 college credits;
2. an overall, calculated, cumulative GPA of no lower than 3.0 after having completed the minimum 48 credits;
3. completion of one English composition course;
4. completion of one English or American literature course;
5. completion of two college level mathematics courses;
6. completion of the Application for Admission to Teacher Certification Candidacy Form;
7. successful passing of the required Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT). 

Note 1:

To access all of the requirements imposed by Ch. 354, please visit the PDE website. Click on Teachers and Teacher Certifications, followed by PA Certification, and finally, Important Certification Requirements.