Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (PreK-Grade 4)

The Early Childhood Education certification program is one of two programs, defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, that will replace the K-6 Elementary certification that has been available in Pennsylvania for many years. This new program will focus on the needs of the early learner and their unique needs as they learn to learn.

The program is designed to meet all the Pennsylvania Department of Education's mandated content requirements while still offering the certification candidate over two hundred hours of field experiences in early childhood education settings prior to their student teaching semester.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Science with a major in early childhood education

Required courses:

ECE 110 Child Development I
*ECE 115 Child Development II
ECE 210 Family Partnerships
ECE 220 Theory and Practices
ECE 230 Creative Arts
ECE 240 Literacy and Literature I
ECE 310 Math Methods
ECE 320 Program Design and Curriculum Development
ECE 330 Literacy and Literature II
ECE 335 Literacy and Literature III
ECE 340 Teacher Researcher
ECE 350 Child Wellness
ECE 360 Social Studies Methods
ECE 370 Play and Projects
ECE 380 Science Methods
*ECE 385 Advocacy, Leadership, and Collaboration
ECE 410 Senior Capstone
EDU 140 Educational Technology in the Modern Classroom
EDU 240 Language, Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement: PreK - Grade 8


*ECE 115 and 385 are not required for Special Education double-majors

Note: Students may graduate with the B.S. degree without completing student teaching. Students who are pursuing teacher certification must complete 12 credit hours of ECE 440 ECE Student Teaching or ECE 441 ECE Dual Major Student Teaching/SPE 441 ECE Special Education Student Teaching Student Teaching in addition to completing all requirements for the major in Early Childhood Education.

Additional Certification Requirements

Students seeking teacher certification must also complete a number of additional processes and requirements outlined in the Steps to Pennsylvania Teacher Certification document on the Education Department web page.  Along with other requirements, these include a minimum GPA and the following coursework:

1. Completion of one English composition course.

2. Completion of one English or American literature course.

3. Completion of two college-level mathematics courses.

4. Completion of required Special Education coursework:

SPE 250 Cognitive Development of Diverse Learners
SPE 255 Special Education Processes and Procedures
Embedded Special Education Modules

The following course is required for music education majors and may also be required for students transfering credits into any certification program from other institutions:

SPE 258 Effective Instructional and Behavioral Strategies for Students with Disabilities

5. Completion of one of the following ESL courses:

For early childhood/special education certification: EDU 240 Language, Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement: PreK - Grade 8

For secondary education certification: EDU 245 Language, Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement: Grade 7 - Grade 12

K-12 certification (languages and music) candidates may take either course.