Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (majors declared before 2009).

The Education Department is committed to preparing future teachers who have a thorough grounding in the disciplines they will teach within the context of a strong liberal arts foundation. The programs include intensive training in the content and methodologies.

The field-centered component in the programs requires extensive and carefully sequenced opportunities to work with teachers and children in a variety of school settings during all four years of preparation for teaching. The Education Department has established strong relationships with local public, parochial and private schools. Majors spend an average of two to four hours per week each semester in various classrooms, observing teachers and children, aiding, tutoring, providing small-group and whole-class instruction, and completing tasks on increasingly challenging levels of involvement. Student teacher candidates spend the semester immediately preceding the student teaching semester with their assigned cooperating teachers. Seniors spend the fall semester in full-time student teaching with cooperating teachers who have been carefully chosen for that role. Additional opportunities are provided for our students to work in nursery schools, child care centers, middle schools, and in classes for exceptional children.

Course of Studies for the Elementary Education major (K-6) and for certification in Elementary Education with an option for certification in Special Education K-12.