Nuclear Power Incident (TMI - Three Mile Island)

If a serious incident occurs at a nuclear power plant, radiation could be released into a river as a liquid and travel downstream, or it could be released into the air as a gas and carried by the wind along a pathway consisting of an area within about a 10-mile radius of the plant.

The College is not located within the 10-mile evacuation area for Three Mile Island (TMI) in Middletown, Pa., as defined by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. However, College officials may order an off-campus evacuation if it is believed that an incident at TMI poses a possible threat to students and employees. Instructions for the evacuation will accompany the announcement of such an evacuation.

Note: The College is the designated evacuation site for the Milton Hershey School, which is in the 10-mile evacuation area for TMI. The on-campus location normally will be the Arnold Sports Center. Assistance in caring for evacuees will be provided by College staff and Metz Culinary Management.