Brown Bag Lunch Series

The department’s “Brown Bag Lunch” series allows faculty and students to share their research with the wider campus community. Each semester, five presentations are scheduled, highlighting the diverse work going on within our department, ranging from analytical literary work to creative writing, dramaturgy, and journalism. Faculty members often share their research with colleagues across the nation and globe during conferences; these presentations enable them to share that work with a local audience as well. Student participation showcases the exciting work students are doing within the department. Students also practice skills that will be invaluable in graduate school and beyond—crafting a paper for an oral presentation, delivering that paper clearly and engagingly, and entertaining questions. We invite you to join us for the next presentation. Contact Laura Eldred ( if you would like to learn more.

September 5, 2012: Gary Grieve-Carlson: “The Fathers Run Out in the Sons”: Charles Olson, Ezra Pound, and “The Song of Ullikummi”

April 25, 2012: Caitlin Murphy and Marie Bongiovanni: Digital Stories and Finding Your Moment April 4, 2012: Alyssa Sweigart: Navigating New Womanhood: The Modern Woman’s Struggle for Direction in the 1920s

March 14, 2012: Minna Niemi: “Tomorrow everything will be better”: The Concept of Waiting in Recent African Diasporic Fiction and Non-Fiction

February 15, 2012: Betsy Gonzalez: Say What You Need to Say: Writing as Necessity

January 25, 2012: Michelle Bonczek and students: A Winter Writing Sampler

November 30, 2011: Tyler Reinbhold and Erin Rider: The Sounds of (Campus) Silence: Disillusionment, Debt, Distraction Muffle Protests on College Quads

November 9, 2011: Suzy Biever: Explorations in Creative Writing

October 19, 2011: Charelle Bryant: Hayao Miyazaki and Gender

September 28, 2011: Tyler Reinbold: The ‘Incurable’ Bartleby

September 7, 2011: Phil Billings: Bring (Some of) The Family

April 27, 2011: Teddi Hermes: Reflections in Contemporary Feminist Literature

April 6, 2011: Vince Pantalone: Traveling the Road of Romanticism with William Wordsworth’s “Old Cumberland Beggar”

March 16, 2011: Mary Pettice: Creative Non-Fiction and the Ethics of Exposure

February 23, 2011: Sam Shoemaker and Angela Deon: A Day with the Gov: La Vie’s Chat with Tom Corbett

February 2, 2011: Michelle Bonczek and students: Samples from fall Creative Writing Class December 1, 2010: Cody Shepp, Lauren Scott, Stephanie Mannon: Has Social Networking Gone Too Far: A Discussion of La Vie’s Special Issue

November 10, 2010: Laura Eldred, 28 Days Later and Irish Terrorism: Danny Boyle’s Fantasy of British Annihilation
October 20, 2010: Mark Rosborough, The Masucline Identity in Postmodern American literature September 29, 2010: Kevin Pry, Staging Shakespeare’s Shrew—Conflicting Critical Views and Practical Choices in Performance

September 8, 2010:: Kathryn Skutlin: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: Deconstructing the Gothic

April 21, 2010: Rebecca Edwards: Mark Twain’s Merlin: The Catalyst for Degrading Britain’s Most Popular Wizard

March 31, 2010: Kristen Sauder: First Poems

March 10, 2010: Cathy Romagnolo: ‘Moving in Lofty Spirals’: Circularity and Narrative Beginnings in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye

February 17, 2010: Kristen Case: Thoreau’s Kalendar: Reading Between Science and Literature

January 27, 2010: Eileen Beazley: Surviving Freedom: The Aftermath of Liberation in the Narratives of Frederick Douglass and Elie Wiesel

December 2, 2009: Bekah Achor: Shakespeare and Nature: Are You my Mother?

November 4, 2009: Phil Billings: Writing about the Beginning and the End

October 14, 2009: Stuart Jeffcoat: In Bruges: McDonagh Taken Seriously

September 23, 2009: Gary Grieve-Carlson: ‘The House-Top’: Melville’s Poem of Force