Your hard work should be rewarded.
You’ve spent the past decade preparing for this—studying, reading, writing papers, taking tests—and even pulling all-nighters when you had to. You’ve done your part to get to this point. Now it’s our turn. LVC is great because of the students who choose to spend their college years here. They come from many backgrounds and represent many interests, and many of them—most of them, actually—need financial assistance to make their four years at The Valley possible. And so we will invest in helping you get here.

We award generous academic scholarships to those whose high school records demonstrate a commitment to challenge and achievement. It’s that simple. We seek the best students and recognize their hard work with scholarships. 

Additionally, you may apply for assistance based on your family’s financial need. Through a combination of grants, loans, outside scholarships, and work-study, our students pursue an outstanding education regardless of their financial situation. 

Meet a few of our students whose scholarships and financial aid packages are making their LVC educations possible.


JORDAN J. BILICKI, Music Education
Jordan has a stepbrother, a half brother, and two stepsisters, all of whom have already graduated college or are working full-time. He is receiving an aid package that includes a need-based LVC grant, federal Stafford Loans, and a work-study job.

“Financial aid was a big factor when I was shopping for colleges. I was choosing between two schools that were completely different from one another—LVC and a public university in Pennsylvania. When my father and I calculated the costs, we found that both schools came out to be the same price, even with the higher sticker price for LVC.”

CORBY MYERS, Business Administration
An only child and the first in her family to attend college, Corby received an academic scholarship from LVC based on her strong grades in high school. She also receives need-based financial assistance and earned several outside scholarships.

“Without my financial aid and academic scholarship, I would never have been able to come to this school I love. The financial aid staff was so friendly and helpful. They walked me through everything step by step. Knowing that everything had been taken care of took a huge burden off my chest. When you come to college, you want to focus on exams and projects and not financial issues.” 

HANNAH REEDY, Global Studies and Secondary Education
Hannah has a brother and two half-sisters, but she is the first of her siblings to head to college. Her education is being supported by an academic scholarship from LVC plus an aid package that includes government grants and loans and a work-study job.

“I toured LVC knowing I had been accepted and what my financial aid package looked like. And five minutes into the tour, I knew it was the place for me—between the small class sizes and the overall community feeling I got when I walked onto campus. My academic scholarship made it so I didn’t have to take out as many loans, but LVC was my first choice anyway.”