Student Employment Wage Scale

The following wage scale is in place for student workers:

Level Pay Rate Summer Pay Rate Acad. Yr. Definition Examples
1 Resident $8.00
Commuter $8.50
$ 7.25 Positions are typically clerical and non-technical; directions and supervision required; training may be necessary; tasks include typing, filing, errands, taking phone messages, basic computer Academic Dept. Office Assistants, College Center Desk Employees, Library Periodicals Assistant, Financial Aid Office Assistant

$ 8.50

Commuter $9.00

$ 7.75 Positions require specific skills; may be physical; training is required; tasks include less supervision and more independent thinking Lifeguard, Valley Ambassador, Facilities Crew, IT Services Computer Lab Assistant, Safety Patrol
3 Resident $9.00
Commuter $9.50
$ 8.25 Positions require students to assume responsibility for projects and/or supervision of other students; requires high skill level and ability to think and act independently Student A/V Technician, Business Office (Acct.) Intern, Head Computer Lab Assistant, College Store Student Manager 
4 Based on grant funding Based on employer and grant funding Summer - scientific research Acad. Yr - off-campus community service and tutoring; wage for off-campus must equal non-student wage Summer - Bio/Chem Lab Assistants Acad. Yr. - YMCA, Daycare Assistant


  • Students who work in approved college departments for a minimum of 35 hours per week during the entire summer are eligible to live in a traditional non-air conditioned residence hall at no charge and will receive 19 meals per week.  These students will not be billed for summer room and board; however, a weekly room and board value of $328 will be added to the student's taxable income for each week the student resides on campus.  Taxes will  be assessed each pay period and deducted from that pay.
  • Student employees are not eligible for paid vacation or holiday hours.
  • Total number of hours worked during the academic year may not exceed 20 hours per week; summer hours may not exceed 40 hours per week.
  • During the academic year, students are exempt from paying Social Security tax (FICA) on wages earned through campus employment. 
  • All jobs on campus will be considered Level 1 unless the employer has applied, and been approved, to have a particular job reclassified at a higher level.