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Winter 2012
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Posters, catalogues, and brochures from Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery exhibitions

Mail check or money order, payable to Lebanon Valley College, to Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, Lebanon Valley College, 101 N. College Ave., Annville, PA 17003-1400. All prices include postage. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Visions of Nature: Nineteenth-Century Women Landscape Artists
Brochure: non-members $5, members $3

N.C. Wyeth: Storyteller
Brochure: non-members $5, members $3

Jonathan Green brochure

Jonathan Green: Soul of the South
Brochure: $3

The Lamps of Tiffany catalogue

The Lamps of Tiffany
Catalogue: non-members $20, members $15

PA coal and steel brochure

Imaging Industry: Pennsylvania Coal and Steel
Brochure: $3

Michael Pittari brochure

Michael Pittari: Continuous Flow 1995-2005
Brochure: $3

Rob Evans brochure

Rob Evans: Ephemera: Recent Works
Brochure: $3

Illuminated Treasures brochure

Illuminated Treasures: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts from Pennsylvania Collections
Brochure: $3

Gary Schneider: Biology brochure

Gary Schneider: Biology
Brochure: $3

Whistler's England Catalogue

Whistler's England: Works on Paper
non-members, $8
members, $5

Jerome Hershey brochure

Jerome Hershey: New Rose Variations and Permutations
Brochure: $3

John Covert Catalogue

John Covert: Rediscovered
non-members, $20
members, $15

African Art brochure

Contemporary African Art, 2003
Brochure: $3

Susan Leopold brochure

Susan Leopold: Tornado Tower and Other Eccentric Spaces, 1992-2003
Brochure: $3

Suspend and Levitate brochure

Suspend and Levitate, 2002
Brochure: $3

Daumier brochure

Musical Notes by Honoré Daumier, 2002
non-members, $10
members, $6

American Watercolors brochure

American Watercolors and Gouaches from the CIGNA Museum and Art Collection, 2002
Brochure: $3

Mark Workman brochure

Mark Workman: Fields of Vision, 2002
Catalogue: $8

Mary Cassatt poster

Poster: Mary Cassatt, printmaker
non-members, $15
members, $10

Rembrandt etchings catalogue

Rembrandt Etchings catalogue
non-members, $10
members, $5

The Perspectivarium brochure

The Perspectivarium: An Architectural Installation by Gil Kerlin
Brochure: $3

Banjo brochure

Strummin' on the Banjo in Nineteenth-Century America
Brochure: $3

Trains of Thought brochure

Trains of Thought: The Railroad in Contemporary Art
Brochure: $3

German Art and Folklife brochure

Early Pennsylvania German Art and Folklife
Brochure: $3

William Glackens catalogue

William Glackens: Works and Process
non-members, $15 | members, $6
Color illustrations, Critical essay, Bibliography, 42 pp.

Leslie Dill brochure

Lesley Dill: Word and Image
Brochure: $3

Ben Solowey brochure

Ben Solowey (1900-1978): Portraits and Landscapes
Brochure: $3

Night brochure

Night: Selected Works by Michael Allen and Robert Heilman
Brochure: $3

Snap, Crak, Pop brochure

Snap, 'Crak', Pop: Prints by Pop Artists
Brochure: $3

Sharp Metal Objects brochure

Sharp Metal Objects
Brochure: $3

Winslow Homer brochure

Winslow Homer: Graphic Expressions
Brochure: $3

Robert Arneson brochure

Robert Arneson: Painting into Sculpture
Brochure: $3

Engaging Abstraction brochure

Engaging Abstraction
Brochure: $3

Modern Art from Haiti and Cuba brochure

Eksperyans la Vida: Modern Art from Haiti and Cuba
Brochure: $3

American Modernisms brochure

Defining American Modernisms
Brochure: $6

Paris in Print brochure

Paris in Print
Brochure: $3

G. Daniel Massad brochure

G. Daniel Massad: Recent Still Lifes
non-members, $10 | members, $5
Color illustrations, Critical essay, 32 pp.

Stieglitz brochure

Focusing on Stieglitz's Camera Work
Brochure: $3

Durer brochure

Albrecht Durer: The Life of the Virgin and Selected Master Prints, 2001
Brochure: $3

From Pop to Op brochure

From Pop to Op: American Art in the 1960s, 2001
Brochure: $3

Money, Art and the Art of Money
Catalogue: non-members $5 | members $3
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A Feast for the Eyes
Catalogue: non-members: $5; members $3