Forms for Applicants

During the spring of your junior year, you will need to print out the forms we have posted below.    The Health Professions Committee (HPC) uses the information provided on these forms to write a composite evaluation letter.  At the request of the student, this composite letter is submitted by the HPC to professional schools who ask for Secondary Applications (a.k.a Secondaries).  Before or during Spring Break is usually a good time to get started on these.

Student Information Form  (PDF)
Students complete this form and return it to the HPC no later than the end of finals Spring Semester. In addition to the vital information about you that we request, gathering and composing the other required items not only allows us to paint a complete picture of you as an applicant, it also prepares you for working with this information on your applications.  Return this form and all requested materials to the HPC no later than the last day of classes, Spring Semester.

Request for an Evaluation Letter  (PDF)
Students give this form is to individuals who can provide a detailed assessment of some aspect of your background that is important for your evaluation by a professional school. Logical choices when asking for letters include:

     - Professors with whom you have had substantial interaction with in courses, perhaps in several classes, especially advanced classes
     - Professors with whom you have done Independent Study or Research
     - Health professionals you have shadowed
     - Internship mentors 
     - Coordinators/Supervisors who have directed your volunteer activities
     - Employers, especially those with whom you have held positions of significant responsibility

You need to choose wisely when asking for letters. Think of individuals who can provide concrete examples that speak to diverse aspects of your skills and personality. The HPC uses these letters when preparing your composite letter of evaluation.  So the more aspects of you that we can describe that are unique and separate you from the other applicants, the better.  Complete the appropriate sections on this form and submit copies to prospective evaluators no later than the last day of classes, Spring Semester. The HPC should receive this complete form and letter back from the evaluator no later than June 30th.