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History Program

By examining human behavior in the past, the study of history can help us better understand ourselves and others. As a student of history, you will learn how to gather and analyze information and present your conclusions in clear, concise language.

An undergraduate degree in history can lead to a career in teaching at the college or high school level, law, government, politics, the ministry, museums and libraries, journalism or editing, historical societies and archives, communications, or a number of other professions. Many students participate in internships as part of their program. Students may also minor in history.

The department also offers one of the few programs in historical communications in the country. This unique program allows students to combine study of history and courses in communications such as journalism, editing, radio, or television, and an internship. This major is particularly suited for students who want to work in fields such as communications, the media, or journalism.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts with a major in history

Required courses:

HIS 250 Historian's Craft
HIS 499 Senior Seminar in History


  • Four 3 credit 100 level courses.
  • Six electives at the 200 level or above, two must be non-U.S., two must be 300 level, courses can count toward two requirements.