Politics Major

The Politics program at Lebanon Valley College is oriented to the study of government and politics in the U.S. and abroad, with a particular focus on the political behavior of individuals, groups, and institutions. We also emphasize an understanding of public policy processes and analysis. The program is designed to provide a sound knowledge of essential principles and problems of politics within a broad liberal arts education, while improving students' skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, and research.

Faculty work with students in collaborative research and help arrange internships. Our students have presented conference papers and won prestigious Pennsylvania Legislative Fellowships. Courses such as the European Union Simulation increase students' global awareness and help prepare them for citizenship in the 21st century.

Our graduates have found jobs with government agencies, international organizations, and policy-related groups, and have gone on to some of the nation's finest law schools and graduate programs.

A Politics major graduation checklist is available to assist with tracking the requirements.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts with a major in politics

A student majoring in politics must complete 42-48 credits in the discipline.

Knowledge of the discipline (12 credits):

POL 200 The Discipline of Political Science
POL 345 The Philosophical Foundations of Politics
POL 370 Conduct of Political Inquiry
POL 499 Seminar in Politics

Tools for effective U.S. citizenship. Four courses from the following options; at least one of the courses must be at the 300-level or higher (12 credits):

POL 110 The Architecture of American Power
POL 252
POL 256 Political Behavior
POL 391 Special Topics in U.S. Politics
An approved course in U.S. politics offered abroad

One of:
POL 101 Controversies in Contemporary Politics
POL 230 Electing the President

One of:
LAW 215 Law and Government
LAW 316 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
LAW 499 Seminar in Law

Tools for effective global citizenship. Four courses from the following options, with at least one course at the 300-level or higher (12 credits):

ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
POL 207 Europe in the 20th Century
POL 210 Comparative Politics
POL 245 Conceptions of Global Power and World Politics
POL 392 Special Topics in Global Politics

One of:
POL 312 American Foreign Policy
POL 313 Contemporary Global Security
POL 314 Global Politics of Wealth and Poverty

One of:
POL 275 Understanding Human Rights
An approved course in non-U.S. politics offered abroad

Practicing politics. Three distinct immersive experiences from the following (6-12 credits):

POL 380 EU Simulation
POL 460 Undergraduate Research (3 credits)
POL 500/Honors in Politics (6 credits)

POL 400 Internship (3 credits)
LAW 400 Internship (3 credits)

 A study abroad experience of at least four weeks’ duration and a conference presentation (6-12 credits).

Students may count up to two distinct internships (minimum 3 credits each), and up to two distinct study abroad experiences (of a minimum four week's duration each), toward this requirement.