Greetings from the Business Community by Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and our honored guests.

I am Wendie DiMatteo, an LVC Trustee of many years and CEO of ASK Foods, a natural foods processor located in nearby Palmyra.

I enthusiastically bring heartfelt greetings today from the Business Community.

As future employers of LVC students, we share a mutual interest in producing graduates who are fully prepared for today’s workplace demands—able to think critically and globally, work collaboratively, and have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technologies so important to the business world. In addition, today’s students must have an even more thorough understanding of cultural diversity as it has become a required skill set for success in so many businesses.

As business leaders, we realize that we play an important role in educating today’s students—our future employees; We must be more responsive to mentoring, offering “real world” classroom perspective as well as providing opportunities for interactive internships and “high impact” experiences. The more exposure to the demands and needs of the business world, the better prepared the student will be for the challenging work place facing them upon graduation.

I believe that Lebanon Valley College is at a unique crossroads due primarily to the positive momentum established over the past decade. However, we face interesting times—strong competition for students and economic uncertainty. It is a time for strong, bold vision, decisive leadership, and innovative strategy. It is a time to harness all the College’s resources, internally and externally, with positive energy and purposeful intent for creating an even better future for our students. In the business world, we realize that there are windows of opportunity that often only open for periods of time; in my opinion, we are at a great window of opportunity for LVC. For these reasons, I am particularly excited about entering this phase for the College under President Thayne’s dynamic leadership.

There is a positive buzz among the business community about LVC and its potential for even greater success in the future. As your business community, we stand poised, ready to assist and support this process, fully realizing that as that famous quote by Michael Milken states: “The future of our country is NOT found in our Boardrooms, but in our classrooms.”

On behalf of your surrounding business community, I offer heartfelt congratulations, Lewis! We look forward to your vision and wise leadership as Lebanon Valley College’s 18th president.