About Joy L. Albright

Albright Joy L. Albright, System Administration Specialist

Telephone: 717-867-6060
Address: Lynch 005
Email: albright@lvc.edu

System Administration Specialist

Original Date Prepared: 4/2004     Revision Date: 9/2011

Reports to: Manager of Infrastructure and Security

Administrative Group: Information Technology

Functional Description: The System Administration Specialist is responsible for assisting the Manager of Infrastructure and Security with the management and operation of the campus servers and telecommunications systems. The System Administration Specialist is part of the Infrastructure and Security group within Information Technology.

Major Responsibilities/Duties:

System Administration

  • Maintaining user accounts and passwords.
  • Monitoring server backups and coordinating off-site storage of backup media.
  • Monitoring server utilization and performance.
  • Assisting with upgrades to server software and hardware.
  • Preparing and maintaining documentation as requested.
  • Assisting with oversight of the server room and its support systems (e.g., air conditioning, UPS's).
  • Providing input and support to the IT disaster recovery plan.


  • Managing voicemail accounts and passwords.
  • Handling or coordinating resolution of problems with telephones, long distance, voicemail and cable TV.
  • Coordinating the assignment of long distance PINs to employees who need them.
  • Serving as the contact for the companies that provide telecom and cable services.

Principal Internal Working Relationships: Students, faculty and staff.

External Working Relationships: Vendors.

Direct Reports: None.

Education Requirements: High School Diploma (post-secondary training in a computer-related field preferred).