About Angela E Kinney

Kinney Angela E Kinney, Database Specialist
B.S., Geneva College, 1992.

Telephone: 717-867-6060
Address: Lynch 005
Email: kinney@lvc.edu

Database Specialist

Original Date Prepared: 5/2000     Revision Date: 4/2005

Reports to: Director of Enterprise Information Systems

Administrative Group: Information Technology

Functional Description: The Database Specialist is responsible for assisting the Director of Enterprise Information Systems with the management, programming and support of the administrative information systems. The Database Specialist is part of the Enterprise Information Systems group within Information Technology.

Major Responsibilities/Duties:

  • developing a clear understanding of the overall structure of Colleague and Benefactor.
  • mastering the SQL and Uniquery query languages.
  • mastering PC-based database reporting tools selected as a campus standard.
  • interpreting and developing Envision-based programs.
  • providing application support to users, including:
    • application training
    • workflow analysis and procedure design
    • reporting needs analysis
    • report writer training and report development
  • working with the system administrator to coordinate the list of authorized database users with the list of authorized system users.
  • maintaining appropriate documentation of procedures, customizations and timelines.
  • using the campus standard suite of PC-based software (e.g., Office, Outlook, etc.).
  • remaining current in the field by regularly reading trade journals and attending workshops, seminars and other training sessions as required.

Principal Internal Working Relationships: Students, faculty and staff.

External Working Relationships: Vendors.