OneCard Coordinator and Communications Technician

Original Date Prepared: 5/2009     Revision Date: 9/2011

Reports to: Manager of Technical Services

Administrative Group: IT Services

Functional Description: The OneCard Coordinator and Communications Technician is responsible for the administration and technical support of the OneCard system; the programming of standalone, card-swipe locksets; and the installation, diagnosis and repair of communications cable. The OneCard Coordinator and Communications Technician is a member of the Technical Services group within IT Services.

Major Responsibilities/Duties:

    • Serve as point person for all Dutchman OneCard items.
    • Coordinate OneCard equipment troubleshooting, purchases and repairs.
    • Manage the creation and deletion of user accounts in the OneCard system.
    • Maintain access privileges and other data within the OneCard system.
    • Keep an up-to-date inventory of all OneCard equipment.
    • Program standalone, card-swipe locksets and provide support for them.
    • Install, repair and maintain all communications cable on campus (voice, data, catv).
    • Coordinate such work by third-parties as needed.
    • Respond to, diagnose and resolve reports of cabling problems.
    • Assist with telephone, voicemail and cable tv support.
    • Assist with server and network administration and support.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

      Principal Internal Working Relationships: Students, faculty and staff.

      External Working Relationships: Vendors.

      Direct Reports: None.

      Education Requirements: High School Diploma. Post-secondary training in a computer-related field preferred; wiring installation experience required.