Faculty Multi-Platform Support Policy

The College seeks to maximize the use of its resources while recognizing the existence of multiple computing platforms to support the instructional and research needs of its faculty. To that end, faculty members normally will be issued a Windows PC. However, a Macintosh computer or a Linux PC may be issued in lieu of a Windows PC for faculty members with demonstrated need.

A request for a computer other than a Windows PC should be made in writing to IT Services (ITS) and should include the reasons why a non-Windows system is required to support the faculty member's teaching and/or scholarship. Justification should be specific and go beyond issues of individual preference, e.g. the need to use unique, platform-dependent software applications. The Dean of the Faculty, in consultation with ITS, will determine if a non-Windows system will be provided. ITS will provide training and assistance as needed to faculty moving to a new platform.

ITS will support faculty members who are issued a Macintosh computer or a Linux PC in the following ways: pre-purchase configuration, purchasing, connection to the campus network and coordination of hardware repair. For Macintosh, ITS also will support a standard set of software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail and web browsing.

Note on Student Computer Labs - Student computer labs normally will be equipped with Windows PCs. Academic departments may request that a lab include Macintosh computers or Linux PCs using the process outlined above.

Summer 2006