Residence Hall Network (ResNet)

Each student in a residence hall room is provided with an Ethernet connection to the campus network as part of the room charge. All college buildings, including the residence halls, also have a wireless network.

To use the wired residence hall network you must have a device equipped with an Ethernet network card. Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Linux as well as any gaming device or other network device that is not considered a router or wireless access-point will work on the campus wired network. If you want to take advantage of increased network speeds you should buy a computer with a network card already installed or have one added to an existing system by your local computer store. Information Technology does not sell or install network cards.

You will need an Ethernet patch cable (Cat5 or Cat6) to connect your computer to the network wall jack. The College Store carries patch cords of various lengths at reasonable prices.

You also are required to have up-to-date antivirus software on your computer. Note: Current, full-time LVC students may use the College's antivirus software at no charge. Download Antivirus Software

Step-by-Step Instructions for connecting to ResNet from your residence hall room.

Register Your Game Console, Apple TV, or Smart Device