Residence Hall Services

Telephone Service - Basic telephone service can be provided by request for an additional charge per semester in a student's room. More Information on Telephone Service.

Residence Hall Network  - Each student in a residence hall room is provided with an Ethernet connection to the campus network. A wireless network is also available. More Information on ResNet.

Cable TV - The College provides each residence hall room with Comcast cable service, offering more than 100 channels, many in high definition. To fully utilize Comcast's HD service at LVC, a television must be equipped with a QAM tuner.  Please verify the specifications from your TV manufacturer to determine if your TV includes this tuner.  QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) is the format by which digital cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable television providers.  Many new, cable-ready digital televisions have a QAM tuner integrated already, however some inexpensive manufacturers or models may not include this tuner.  Please be advised that some TVs come with a lower quality QAM tuner that may be unable to tune all of the available channels.

Online Streaming Cable TV - Using their college login information, resident students also have access to XFINITY On Campus, where they can stream live TV, movies, and more on any device, anytime, anywhere.


More Information on Cable Service and TVs.