President's Council

The Lebanon Valley College President's Council is designed to inform and help all organizational Presidents across campus. Meetings are mandatory for all organizations funded by Student Government. The President of the organization should attend the meeting; however, if they are unable to attend, another officer from the club may take their place.

Those in attendance should bring brief reports on their organizations' progress during the semester. The reports can also include opportunities for collaboration with other clubs, struggles, or concerns that the organizations are having.

The meetings will be twice a semester on Thursdays during common hour from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Along with the reports, a guided topic will also be discussed at the meetings. These topics will engage leaders to better serve their organizations. Such topics may include:

  • Being a responsible leader
  • Creative publicity
  • Am I running a meeting effectively?
  • How can my club's membership grow?
  • Do I really know all that LVC can do for my club?
  • And more!!!