Photography & Videography Guidelines

All questions regarding photography and videography of LVC athletic events, athletes, coaches, and facilities should be directed to the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Press Releases
All press release requests should be accompanied by a photograph related to that request. Each photograph should be high resolution.

Print Publications
The photography requirements for print publications are quite different from those required for the College website and other digital media. Images reproduced in print media must be of a much higher resolution than images used online. When submitting photographs to the Office of Marketing and Communications for print usage, please submit the original, full-size, and high-resolution files.

Print and Web Communications
If you have a project that will require photos to be used both in print and on the website, please submit the highest resolution images you have. This step will ensure that the images meet both print and web photography requirements.

Web Communications
Resolution refers to the quantity of pixels or dots that can fit into one square inch. This measurement signifies the sharpness and quality of an image. Photos for the College website must have a resolution of 72 dpi at the size needed for the cropped space (see specifics below). In addition, all images are presented in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) mode and are compressed for web usage.

LVC’s Homepage
Impactful and artistic photographs and images are selected and created for the College’s homepage. The image size is 1003 px X 450 px and typically incorporates descriptive text. A dedicated space also needs to be available in the lower-right hand corner of the image or photograph for homepage rotation indicators.

Departmental Pages
Department websites use a bank of images that are cropped to 750 px X 215 px. Generally, images appear randomly upon refresh of the pages; however, departments can request specific images to be assigned to specific pages.

Media and Departmental News Images
Each news item found at includes a 242 px X 242 px image, which corresponds to the story. These images are most often supplied by the subject, graduate, or department liaison. When submitting these photos, please keep in mind the proportion and minimum size of the image. If an image is not supplied, able to fit the correct size, or cannot be created, a generic “LVC” image will appear.

Video Guidelines
Video for LVC is mainly housed on its YouTube channel ( Academic and administrative departments are encouraged to supply content either by posting video content directly to the channel (username and account info is available by contacting the director of communication) or by supplying it to the Office of Marketing and Communications for posting. Featured playlists are available to organize video content. Staff time to capture video content is limited; however, a list of student videographers who can be hired at the requesting department’s expense is maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

All questions regarding any of the above requests can be directed to the Office of Marketing & Communications.