The LVC Website

Academic and Administrative Department Websites
The College encourages the creation of web pages by academic and administrative departments. Faculty and staff act as web editors throughout the campus. If you are interested in editing your pages and need training to maintain your departmental presence on the website, please contact the College's web communications specialist.

LVC Web Policies | Web Best Practices | Social Media Procedures

LVC Students
Students interested in adding their organization to should speak with Student Government or Jasmine Bucher, director communications, at

In addition, students have the option to create personal web pages. To obtain a personal web space please contact Joy Albright at

The LVC website has three governing groups which address both the design and technical aspects of the site and also plan for future development.

Web Committee
Web policies and future planning is conducted by a group of staff around campus. Current members include:

    Marty Parkes, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, chair
    Jasmine Bucher, Director of Communications
    Tom Hanrahan, Director of Editorial Standards and Brand Messaging
    Mary Pettice, Associate Professor of English
    David Shapiro, Director of Information Technology
    Olajiwon McCadney, Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs
    Justin Morell, Assistant Professor of Music
    Alison Wenger, Communications Specialist
    Jackson Roberts, Student Member

Web Development Team
The web development team works out development and implementation issues of the College's website. Current members include:

    Marty Parkes, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
    Jasmine Bucher, Director of Communications
    David Shapiro, Director of Information Technology
    Jason Gamble, Web Programmer
    Nicole Berkhimer, Web Communications Specialist

Any inquiries or comments can be made through the director of communications at