Courses in Actuarial Science

ASC 281. Probability for Risk Management. An introduction to risk management in property/casualty and life insurance with emphasis on probability concepts.  Prerequisite: MAS 112. 3 credits.

ASC 385. Mathematics of Finance I. Measurement of interest, time value of money, annuities, amortization and sinking funds, bonds, capitalized cost, net present value, yield rates, yield curves, duration, immunization; derivative products including calls, puts, forwards, and swaps.  Prerequisite: MAS 112 or 162. 3 credits.

ASC 386. Mathematics of Finance II. Parity, binominal pricing, Black-Scholes pricing, hedging, exotic options, and interest rate models.  Prerequisite: ASC 385. Corequisite: MAS 371. 3 credits.

ASC 472. Loss Distributions and Credibility Theory. An introduction to loss distributions and credibility theory with emphasis on actuarial applications.  Prerequisite: MAS 371. 3 credits.

ASC 481. Actuarial Mathematics I. Survival distributions, life insurance, life annuities, benefit premiums and reserves, multiple life and decrement models.  Prerequisite: ASC 385; Corequisite: MAS 371. 3 credits.

ASC 482. Actuarial Mathematics II. Multiple life and decrement models, expenses, individual and collective risk models, compound distributions, including applications.  Prerequisites: ASC 385,481. 3 credits.