Computer and Data Science Major

Software Development is changing. The days of the isolated application running on a single CPU are gone. Today's software is distributed, leveraging many computers simultaneously to do a job. Human interaction is lightweight and mobile, with the network connecting us to the machines that do our work. That work has evolved too, as the availability of mind-bogglingly huge amounts of data about everything has fundamentally changed the sorts of problems we are able to address with software. Professional software developers are scrambling to figure out how to write the code that drives applications in this data-driven landscape.

So, the Computer Science program at LVC has evolved, too, becoming our new Computer & Data Science major. We have re-thought everything, creating a unique undergraduate degree aimed at preparing graduates to move into careers in modern Software Development.

What does this mean?

  • We start with a focus on data, and the ways computing systems create, manage, and analyze that data;

  • We maintain our tradition of a strong core preparation in computer programming, using modern languages and tools;

  • We integrate current approaches to parallel computing and distributed systems into the curriculum. Students design, implement, and deploy distributed services as part of their coursework;

  • We apply a foundational study of math and statistics to programming and data analytics;

  • We incorporate into the major program a variety of Professional Experiences, such as research projects and internships, focused on preparing students to enter their careers the moment they walk off campus.

Software Development career opportunities are more exciting than ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the growth in the software job market as double the overall rate. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be close to one million unfilled jobs in the field. Starting salaries in the field average above $60,000.

At LVC, our computer science program has enjoyed a virtual 100% placement rate for decades. LVC graduates have gone to work for huge multinational corporations and tiny independent software startups.

What sets CDS at LVC apart? Our curriculum and its focus on modern software development is unique. We critically evaluated every part of the program, in consultation with industry leaders, to create an undergraduate major that stands apart from all of its competitors.

In the midst of this exciting upheaval, we have maintained our commitment to the development of the fundamental skills that sets a liberal arts education apart. We guide our students to develop the ability to

  • Read difficult, technical material independently and critically, rapidly digesting new information;

  • Analyze new problems and synthesize solutions;

  • Communicate those solutions clearly and precisely, in writing and in person.

This foundation helps our graduates prove their value immediately, and adapt rapidly to a quickly changing field.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Science with a major in computer science

Required courses:

CDS 121 Data
CDS 142 Programming I
CDS 180 Language Lab
CDS 241 Programming II
CDS 242 Algorithms and Data Structures
CDS 280 Introductory Data Analysis Lab
CDS 341 Machine Learning and Data Analytics I
CDS 362 Distributed Systems
CDS 499 Professional Experience
MAS 111 Analysis I
MAS 112 Analysis II
MAS 113 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking I
MAS 114 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking II
MAS 222 Linear Algebra
MAS 270 Intermediate Statistics

One additional lab from the following:

CDS 180 Language Lab
CDS 281 Software Processes
CDS 285 Computational Problem Solving I
CDS 385 Computational Problem Solving II

Three additional courses at the 300 level or higher.