Course schedules by term


Summer Schedule:

For more information, please contact Dr. Marian Dura, 717.867.6919, or visit

 MME  890.01  Symposium on Creative Thinking in  Music

 Dr. Marian Dura,
 Dr. Peter Webster, and  guests

 Mon., 6/23Wed.,  6/25;  Online hours  8:30 a.m.5  p.m.
 MME  890.02  Efficient Rehearsal Techniques  Dr. Christopher Heffner

 Mon., 6/30Thurs.,  7/3;  Online hours

 9 a.m.noon  & 14  p.m.
 MME  890.03  Connecting Teacher Evaluation to  Student Achievement in Music  Prof. O. David Deitz

 Mon., 7/14Fri.,  7/18;  Online hours

 9 a.m.noon  & 14  p.m.
 (July 18 only  14 p.m.)

 MME  802.01  Research Methods in Music  Education  Prof. Michael Slechta

 Fri., 7/18;
 Mon., 7/21Sat.,  7/26;  Online hours

 9 a.m.1  p.m.
 MME  803.01  Technology for Music Educators   Prof. Jeff Snyder

 Mon. 6/30–Thurs.,  7/3;
 Mon. 7/7–Sat., 7/12

 9 a.m.1  p.m.
 MME  807.01  Interpreting and Using Research in  Music Education  Dr. Marian Dura  Mon., 7/21–Fri., 8/1  1 p.m.4 p.m.