Meet the Mentors

Stephanie Agudelo '16

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Vagina Monologues, Unity March
Why LVC? "My debate coach encouraged me to challenge myself and the scholarship money helped my decision." 

Noe Aguilar Gonzalez '16

Hometown: Biglerville, PA
Major: Criminal Justice  
Activities: Track & Field, Multicultural Mentor
Why LVC? "I fell in love with the tight-knit community as soon as I walked on campus. I also loved that the classes were small enough to get individual attention."

Koratrona (Kory) Evans '14

Hometown: Lebanon, PA
Major: Physical Therapy 
Activities: LVEP, Multicultural Mentor, Physical Therapy Club
Why LVC? "I chose to attend LVC because of the outstanding PT program, the LVEP program and because I've always liked the campus."

La'Jadah (Jadah) Freeland '15

Hometown: York, PA
Major: Sociology
Activities: Taking A Stand (T.A.S.), Multicultural Mentor
Why LVC?: "I always wanted to go to a college with a smaller campus.  Everyone here is nice and loving and I got sucked in!"

James (Jimmy) Long '14

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Music Business and Pre-Law
Activities: Music Industry Student Association (MISA), Young Life
Why LVC?: "Challenging music program, beautiful campus, not too big but larger than my high school"

Kari Mahool '15

Hometown: Franklinville, NJ
Major: Physical Therapy
Activities: Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.), 50/50 Peer Helper
Why LVC?: "I fell in love with the campus and loved that it has a small atmosphere.  The P.T. program was awesome too!" 

Jessica McKelvin '16

Hometown: Hummelstown, PA
Major: Sociology
Activities: Black Student Union (BSU), Vagina Monologues, Women's Services and Gender Resource Center
Why LVC?: "My guidance counselor spoke highly of the school and it was close to home."

Kendall Mehaffey '16

Hometown: Vineland, NJ
Major: Actuarial Science
Activities:  Swim Team, Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.) Club, Math Club
Why LVC?: "It was the closest Actuarial Science school and small which is what I was looking for."

Tai Nguyen '14

Hometown: Lebanon, Pa
Major: Biology
Activities: A.S.I.A. Club, Hispanic Alliance, Big Brother Big Sisters Mentor, LVEP, Tri Beta
Why LVC?: "I decided to attend LVC because of the LVEP scholars program and the strong science program.  I also wanted to attend a smaller institution for more one on one learning and involvement opportunities."

Darryl Sweeper '15

Hometown: Reading, PA
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Football, Track and Field, 50/50 Peer Helper 
Why LVC?: "Because of the excellent education and the number of opportunities LVC has to offer." 

Heather Tran '14

Hometown: Nottingham, PA
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Activities: Soccer, Resident Assistant, Pallas Society
Why LVC?: "The science labs and facilities, the student to professor ratio and women's soccer."

Ariellis Vasquez '15

Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Major: Psychology
Activities: Hispanic Alliance, Peer Tutor, Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.) 
Why LVC?: "I decided to attend LVC because it is a small campus close to home.  The size allows me to form a relationship with my professors and it offers an amazing psychology program."

Cameron Venable '14

Hometown: Edgewood, MD
Major: Biology
Activities: 50/50 Peer Helper, Tri Beta
Why LVC?: "I chose LVC because they gave me the best financial package and because I really liked the small campus."