Meet the Mentors

Cristalichia Acevedo '17

Hometown: Lebanon, PA
Major: Open
Activities: LVEP
Why LVC?  "I really liked that it was close to home and the small campus.  Also, I liked the amazing opportunities such as LVEP."

Stephanie Agudelo '16

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Vagina Monologues, Resident Assistant, WSGRC Intern
Why LVC? "My debate coach encouraged me to challenge myself and the scholarship money helped my decision." 

Tia Dandridge '18

Hometown:  Baltimore, MD 
Major:  Biology 
Activities:  Animal Club, Vagina Monologues
Why LVC?  "The small campus and beautiful aesthetics attracted me to LVC."

Resham Dhaduk '18

Hometown:  Jersey City, NJ
Major:  Physical Therapy & Business 
Activities:   Global Education Club, LVC Phonathon
Why LVC?  "To contribute organizational, educational, cultural and leadership value to the LVC community" 

Trey Manning '17

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA
Major: Criminal Justice 
Activities: Football, Resident Assistant
Why LVC?: "I chose LVC for 3 reasons: location to hometown of Harrisburg, the criminal justice program, and the football team."

Jessica McKelvin '16

Hometown: Hummelstown, PA
Major: Sociology
Activities: Black Student Union (BSU), Vagina Monologues, Resident Assistant
Why LVC?: "My guidance counselor spoke highly of the school and it was close to home."

Steven Salcedo '18

Hometown:  York, PA
Major:  Engineering 
Activities:   Football
Why LVC?:  "I attended LVC because of the academics and sports."

Kems Sylvain '17

Hometown:  Cleona, PA 
Major:  Business 
Activities:  Track & Field, "Brother Blues", Student Government, Inclusive Excellence Committee
Why LVC?:  "I chose LVC because of the closeness to home and the academics."

Faith Viray '17

Hometown:  Lancaster, PA
Major:  Physical Therapy with a Spanish Minor
Activities:  Marching Band, MiniTHON, ValleyFest, Valley Ambassadors, Alpha Phi Omega
Why LVC?:  "LVC was exactly what I was looking for; a small campus that was far enough from home (but not too far) with plenty of opportunities for students."

James Willey '17

Hometown:  Middletown, DE
Major:  Psychology
Activities:  Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alpha Phi Omega
Why LVC?:  "The many scholarship opportunities offered and the atmosphere of campus."