Music Business Program

 The Music Business Program at Lebanon Valley College is recognized by professionals in the music industry as an established and impressive program. The synergy between the Music Business and Audio & Music Production programs provides a unique setting in which those who will market music products are in classes with those who will create the music product.


 Central to preparing students for careers in the music industries, is their participation in the highly immersive and unique VALE Music Group LLC. VMG, the only college Limited Liability Corporation created and run by students, is comprised of four enterprises that function throughout the school year:   

  • VALE Live – booking live entertainment on campus and in local venues
  • VALE Publishing – shopping original music and dealing with copyrights and royalties
  • VALE Records – finding, signing, recording, and marketing artists
  • VALE Conference – designing and hosting the annual VALE Media Industries Conference

 The opportunity to study in real, functioning areas of the industries provides the ideal environment to enhance classroom knowledge with real application and experience.

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Music Business majors are required to intern after their junior year. Students have interned nationwide for large -corporate and small-cottage music businesses including the Harrisburg Symphony, Big Machine Label Group, EMI, The Syndicate Entertainment Marketing Agency, and more. You can read the weekly reports of our interns going back many years at


To better prepare for the the rapidly changing music industry, many students double-major in both Music Business and Digital Communications. The growing collaboration between the Music Business and Digital Communications departments was made apparent in 2015 when the students changed the name of the conference from VALE Music Industry Conference to the VALE Media Industry Conference. This brings experts not only in the music industries, but also virtual reality, games, video, and other industries widening the networking, internship, and job opportunities for our students.


Wherever music is created or heard, there exists employment opportunities. The close proximity to NYC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore and their music scenes allows for exploring established industries and staying informed about music trends.

Our graduates are employed by a myriad of industries including publishing companies, record labels, TV, radio, studios, etc. Because the degree is considered a business degree, it expands employment opportunities to include non-music industries increasing the probability of finding work after graduation. Students often double-major in both Music Business and Business Administration to prepare for all industry opportunities.


The combination of VALE Music Group, music performance, studio recording, learning principles of successful businesses, and an internship, all based in a Liberal Arts environment, best prepares our students to be ready to take advantage of future opportunities, and to be leaders, visionaries, and assets for any enterprise they may engage.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts: emphasis in music business

Required courses:

ACT 131 Financial Statement Analysis
ACT 231 Managerial Accounting
BUS 230 Principles of Management
BUS 285 Organizational Communications
BUS 371 Business Law I
MBS 371 Introduction to the Music Business
MBS 372 Music Copyright, Contracts and Cash
MBS 373 Music Industry Entrepreneurship
MBS 400 Internship
MSC 115 Music Theory I
MSC 116 Music Theory II
MSC 117 Aural Theory I
MSC 118 Aural Theory II
MSC 201 Music of the United States
MSC 241 History and Literature of Music I
MSC 242 History and Literature of Music II

Four semesters of:
IDS 179 VALE Conference

Eight semesters of:
MSC 099 Recital Attendance
Individual Instruction (MUI)
Any music Ensemble (MUE)

One of:

ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics

One of:

BUS 340 Principles of Marketing
DCOM 260 E-Commerce

Majors will exhibit proficiency at the piano and in voice. To achieve these proficiencies, students must take the following:

MSC 150 Class Piano Instruction I
MSC 151 Class Piano Instruction II
MSC 152 Class Piano Instruction III
MSC 153 Class Piano Instruction IV
MSC 160 Class Voice Instruction