Music Business Program

The Music Business Program at Lebanon Valley College is recognized by professionals in the music industry as an established and impressive program. The synergy between the Music Business and Audio & Music Production programs provides a unique setting in which those who will market music products are in classes with those who will create the music product. The yearly Music Industry Conference (MIC-LVC), created and hosted by music business majors, attracts professionals and speakers from as far away as Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York City.

The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. Next to the film industry, the music industry represents the largest component of the entertainment industry. Publishing, marketing, musical instrument sales, record companies, copyrights, management, music production, evolving Internet opportunities, and other components of the music industry are explored in the program. Wherever music is created or heard, there exists employment opportunities.

The Music Business Program, hosted jointly by the music department and the business and economics department, is a true interdisciplinary venture designed to create motivated individuals who understand the creation and marketing components of the music industry. The program is housed in the Department of Music and results in a bachelor of arts degree with an emphasis in music business. Music business majors study not only the components of the music industry, but also study to better understand and perform music in a true liberal arts environment.

Many music business majors double major in music business and digital communications. This prepares them for the music industry, both current and in the future.

On-campus organizations such as MISA (Music Industry Student Association), AES (Audio Engineering Society), NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), and the WLVC radio station allow opportunities to network, apply learned skills, and interface with the professional music industry.

Classes in music, business, and economics, combined with internship experience, and the natural synergy with the Audio & Music Production Program, result in a unique and effective educational experience focusing on the music industry.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Arts: emphasis in music business

Required courses:

ACT 161 Financial Accounting
ACT 162 Managerial Accounting
BUS 230 Principles of Management
BUS 285 Organizational Communications
BUS 371 Business Law I
*IDS 179 VALE Conference
MBS 371 Intro. to the Music Business
MBS 372 Mus. Copyright, Contract, Cash
MBS 373 Mus. Industry Entrepreneurship
MBS 400 Internship
*MSC 099 Recital Attendance
MSC 115 Music Theory I
MSC 116 Music Theory II
MSC 117 Aural Theory I
MSC 118 Aural Theory II
MSC 201 Music of the United States
MSC 241 History & Lit. of Music I
MSC 242 Hist. & Lit. of Music II
*MSC 530 Individual Instruction

* Four semesters of IDS 179 VALE Conference and eight semesters of MSC 099 Recital Attendance and 530 are required.

One of:

ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 102 Principles of Macroeconomics

One of:

BUS 340 Principles of Marketing
DCOM 260 E-Commerce

Majors will exhibit proficiency at the piano and in voice. To achieve these proficiencies, students must take the following:

MSC 510 Class Piano Instruction I
MSC 511 Class Piano Instruction II
MSC 512 Class Piano Instruction III
MSC 513 Class Piano Instruction IV
MSC 520 Class Voice Instruction

Also required is a music ensemble (8 semesters).