Safety & Student Policies

Safety at LVC

What about residence fire safety?

For the protection of students living in the residence halls, periodic fire drills are conducted. All buildings adhere to the Commonwealth's fire safety guidelines. Residence hall fire safety equipment is inspected periodically by Facilities Services. Fire, health, and safety inspections are conducted each semester by the Residential Life Staff. Students are asked not to bring halogen lamps to campus and not to burn candles in their rooms.

Are residence halls safe?

All large residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Students are issued a key for their room and their student ID card will permit them access to their residence hall by using the card swipe located at the exterior door. When leaving their rooms, students should lock their room door and never prop open the exterior doors of their residence hall. Any lost key should immediately be reported to an area coordinator, resident director, or resident assistant so the door lock can be changed and a new key issued to the student. Security within a residence hall is the responsibility of each resident.

How safe is the campus at night?

In addition to the campus Public Safety officers, resident assistants, resident directors, and area coordinators are on duty in the evenings, seven days a week. Campus security personnel regularly patrol campus grounds at night and provide an escort service for students. Emergency blue light phones connected directly to campus security personnel are located throughout. The College is continuously assessing its environment and completes a campus lighting and shrubbery audit each year.

Student Policies

What are the visiting hours in the residence halls?

There are set visitation hours within the residence halls. With the roommate's consent, a student may entertain guests in their room from noon to midnight Sunday through Thursday. During this time period, guests may remain after midnight only for the purpose of studying and only with the roommate's consent. Overnight guests are permitted on Friday and Saturday nights only with the roommate's consent. The guest must also be registered with the Resident Assistant and must have an escort after midnight.

What are the drug and alcohol policies?

Both policies are congruent with federal and state laws. Students cannot possess, consume or be under the influence of drugs. Students who are 21 years of age may consume alcohol in a responsible manner in their room and only in the presence of other 21-year-old students. All students are sent a copy of these policies in August.

What is the college's smoking policy?

Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls, including student rooms, rest rooms, lounges, hallways, and stairwells.