Social Life

Should my son or daughter be involved in activities?
We want our students to be involved both in and out of the classroom. We believe students who are involved learn more. All students, regardless of their involvement, need to have good time management skills. We strongly encourage student involvement in extracurricular activities as early as their first semester. There are many clubs and organizations for students to consider. The College hosts an Activities Fair at the beginning of the fall semester to showcase the various opportunities available to students. We suggest that new students select one or two clubs or organizations to start. These initial activities may be continued or dropped and replaced as a student's priorities change.

Tell me more about social life at LVC
The Student Programming Board and Student Government are the major sponsors of performers, comedians, coffeehouses, movies, and off-campus Saturday trips for the student body. The residence hall staff and student organizations also provide social programs for members of the campus community. The Underground, the College's non-alcoholic dance club, is open most Saturday evenings. Even further, a range of intramural sports are always happening. Every weekend there is something going on at the College!

With choices such as day trips to Philadelphia, theatrical productions, musical performances, author lectures, food socials in residence halls, comedians, intramural tournaments, board game nights, or late night hallway talk sessions, the challenge is not finding something to do; it’s deciding what to do!

How important are fraternities and sororities?
About 8 percent of the student body are members of one of our 9 Greek organizations. Students who are in good academic standing and who are in at least their second semester of their freshmen year are eligible to pledge. Greek organizations provide students with opportunities to develop friendships and leadership skills.