Physical Therapy at Lebanon Valley College

The mission of the Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy at Lebanon Valley College is to graduate qualified, competent, autonomous, and contemporary physical therapists with a broad liberal arts background. Graduates demonstrate professional behaviors by incorporating the profession’s core values. We prepare critical thinking, reflective practitioners that provide patient/client-centered care utilizing evidence-based practice and sound clinical reasoning. Our graduates engage in service activities in the College and community.

The LVC D.P.T. Program will have integrated and collaborative relationships among the institution, community, and profession that foster enhanced teaching, scholarship, and service that promote student outcomes, faculty development, and strong institutional and community partnerships.

The Physical Therapy Program at LVC strongly endorses the view that the primary role of the physical therapy professional is to provide patient-centered care. This approach is exemplified through conduct that addresses each client as an individual whose dignity and value as a human being represents the inviolable ethical center of our professional work. We embrace the core mission of the college by “affirming the interrelatedness of liberal learning” with the profession of physical therapy by encouraging within our students acquisition of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to live and work in a dynamic, culturally diverse, and fragile world. We value the tenets of an evidence-based approach for clinical decision-making, which necessitates that we encourage within our students a passion for life-long learning. As our foundation, the program utilizes the documents A Normative Model of Physical Therapy Education, Version 2004, including the Core Values, and the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice as the authoritative sources describing the nomenclature and taxonomy of physical therapy education, professional behavior, and practice.

LVC fosters collaboration by inviting board certified and fellowship trained clinicians to join with faculty members in providing expert instruction to DPT students creating a culture of excellence.  Manual therapy, also known as hands-on treatment, is emphasized throughout the curriculum and is a key skill set acquired during the professional phase. 

LVC Physical Therapy students screen elderly community residents through a series of tests to determine their risk of falling. By engaging the community with the Physical Therapy program it simultaneously provides students with hands on experience, and community members with a new and valuable resource.