Faculty & Staff

Walck Scott N. Walck, Professor and Department Chair of Physics
B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.S., Lehigh University; Ph.D., Lehigh University

He is interested in mathematical physics and quantum information theory, especially the characterization of quantum states based on entanglement. He typically works with one to six students each summer as part of Lebanon Valley College's Mathematical Physics Research Group. In 2009, he received the Vickroy Award for distinguished teaching.

Telephone: 717-867-6153
Address: Neidig-Garber 223
Email: walck@lvc.edu

Day Michael A. Day, Professor of Physics; Director of Engineering (Sabbatical Leave Spring/17)
B.S., University of Idaho; M.A., University of Nebraska, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, (philosophy); M.S., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., University of Nebraska (physics)

He has two doctorates: one in physics and one in philosophy. His book, "The Hope and Vision of J. Robert Oppenheimer" (World Scientific Publishing, 2015), is augmented by thirty-plus publications in theoretical physics (specializing in anharmonic solids), the history and philosophy of science, and the teaching of physics. During the last several years, he has focused on the views of American Cold War physicists on science and society with extensive work on Robert Oppenheimer, I. I. Rabi, and E. U. Condon. For this research, he was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2010. In addition, he worked for Shell Oil as a geophysicist in its international division (Africa and South America groups). Also, he spent one year teaching physics and philosophy at Nanjing University in China. In 1999, he received the Vickroy Award, the College’s highest award for excellence in teaching.

Telephone: 717-867-6151
Address: Neidig-Garber 224
Email: day@lvc.edu
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Hurst Barry L. Hurst, Associate Professor of Physics; Director of Physics Track for Engineering
B.S., Juniata College; Ph.D., University of Delaware.

Telephone: 717-867-6150
Address: Neidig-Garber 222
Email: hurst@lvc.edu

Patrick E. Jasinski, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Telephone: 717-867-6154
Address: Neidig-Garber 225
Email: jasinski@lvc.edu

Sekeroglu Koray Sekeroglu, Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics
B.S., Izmir Institute of Technology, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Koray Sekeroglu, visiting assistant professor in physics, has a doctoral degree in engineering science and mechanics. Dr. Sekeroglu’s research interests are in bio-inspired materials, micro/nano textured thin films, and material science/ nanotechnology. He teaches atomic and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, and general physics.

Telephone: 717-867-6154
Address: Neidig-Garber 225
Email: sekerogl@lvc.edu
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Velkley Donald Edward Velkley, Adjunct Instructor of Physics

Telephone: 717-867-6152
Address: Neidig-Garber 219
Email: velkley@lvc.edu

Jacob L. Rhodes, Professor Emeritus of Physics
B.S., Lebanon Valley College; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.

His background is nuclear physics with interests in the relationship of physics and society.

Email: rhodes@lvc.edu

Support Staff

West Barbara Elaine West, Administrative Assistant for Physics, Chemistry, and the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program
B.A., Lebanon Valley College

Telephone: 717-867-6140
Address: Neidig-Garber 415
Email: west@lvc.edu