Position Description

LVC selects 48 resident assistants (RAs) from the student body who live in the residence halls and serve as mentors and role models. RAs do a mixture of social and educational programming, helping first-year students make the transition from high school to college and making sure students of all ages have access to the College's many social and academic resources. RAs are supervised by an Area Coordinator (a Residential Life professional staff member) and hold various administrative and student development responsibilities.


  • RAs must be a full-time undergraduate student at the College with a minimum course load of 12 credit hours.
  • RAs must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and a minimum of 2.2 GPA each semester in the position.
  • RAs judicial standing may affect ability to hold position.
  • It is preferred that RAs have lived on campus for at least one semester before beginning the position.


  • Single room and parking permit at no cost.
  • Stipend: First year RAs receive $400.00 per semester; Returning RAs receive $500.00 per semester.

Community Development Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain contact with residents in your hall/building in an effort to create an inclusive education environment.
  • Be visible and accessible to students on your floor/building.
  • Be aware of and report to the Area Coordinator any illness, academic or personal stress, long absences, homesickness, roommate conflict or social concerns.
  • Maintain confidentiality when appropriate.
  • Be knowledgeable of campus resources available to students. Be able to effectively refer students for assistance.
  • Develop, implement, and encourage resident participation in programming as required in accordance with the DUTCH Community Development model.
  • Keep residents informed of campus programs, activities, and announcements.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend all weekly staff meetings, bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with Area Coordinator, and RA in-services.
  • Attend fall, winter, and spring training sessions.
  • Check RA mailbox regularly and post advertisements in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate the opening and closing of all residence halls at each break and end of the year. (distributing keys, completing room condition reports, checking rooms at break, etc.)
  • Deliver building mail on assigned day.
  • Be aware of the condition of common areas within your hall.
  • Report any/all needed repairs to Facilities via the SchoolDude program.

Policy Enforcement Responsibilities

  • Know, understand, and enforce college and residential building policies and procedures.
  • Documents and report all policy violations to AC on duty and complete an online incident report.
  • Assist students in understanding college policies and procedures and educate students with regards to their responsibilities.
  • Assist in conducting Fire, Health and Safety Inspections (FHSI) each semester.
  • Participate in on-duty coverage within the building.
      • RAs are on duty from 7pm to 7am conducting rounds every other hour until 12am on weeknights and 2am on weekends.
      • On-duty RAs are expected to be in the building lounge from 9pm-12am on weekdays and 10pm-2am on weekends.
      • Observe and document all damages and incidents in the Duty Log.
      • While on-duty RAs must wear provided staff shirts, as to be visible to residents.
      • All RAs are required to be on-duty for Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day and ValleyFest.

Other Duties as Assigned

  • Other duties will arise and the Residential Life Staff will be expected to participate in, recruit for, help out, moderate, and/or be available. If a conflict arises, your supervisor must have prior notification in writing.