Sociology and Criminal Justice

The major in sociology provides an understanding of human behavior. By examining the social and cultural forces that shape our lives, we gain a richer understanding of ourselves and contemporary social issues. Sociology explores how and why people behave as they do as well as the effects of their behavior on others. In an economy that is moving from a manufacturing base to a service orientation, graduates in sociology are prepared to work in fields where an understanding of the dynamics of human relationships is important.

The sociology major also may consider further study in graduate school for a career in teaching or research.

The criminal justice major is a multi-disciplinary approach to examining the patterns associated with various crimes, theories of crime causation, victimization, and society's response to crime. The components of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the courts, and corrections, are analyzed. Study of the criminal justice system includes a critical approach to examining the goals and controversies associated with crime control policies.