Bias Response Team Feedback

Chaplain Fullmer, Chair

Prof. Michael Schroeder

Keo Oura Kounlavong-Sabath

Prof. Kerrie Smedley

Venus Ricks

Thomas M. Hanrahan

Katheryn O'Hara '15

McKenna Snyder '14

Marquis Bey '14

The Bias Response Team (BRT), which consists of faculty, administrators, and students, helps to assess situations and events that appear to violate the terms of our social compact expressed in the oath of matriculation when incoming students promise "to respect the community and each of its members as colleagues."

The BRT is conceived as a kind of "hot line" to which people can turn for immediate counsel and assistance in considering the character and gravity of instances of harassment or other acts of bias based on race, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. The Team functions as a non-bureaucratic, agile, and readily accessible forum, reporting directly to the President of the College.

The BRT is not a substitute for existing structures and procedures at the College that deal with allegations of harassment or intimidation. Rather, the Team offers an informal way for members of the LVC community who experience or observe instances of harassment or intimidation to talk confidentially with an objective but sympathetic listener who can help them weigh the character and seriousness of what they have seen or heard and consider an appropriate response.

We encourage members of the LVC Community to report incidents of harassment or other acts of bias to a member of the Team. We will work diligently to determine an appropriate and timely response, and will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of those who report to us.

(Although you are logged in, your identity will be known only the chairperson of the BRT. Your name will not appear with the posting that is made.)

What is harassment? 
What are examples of harassing behavior? 
What is a bias incident? 
What should I do if I believe that I am a victim of, or witness to, a bias incident? 
What will Lebanon Valley College do if I report a bias incident? 
What is sexual harassment? 
What should I do if I believe that I am a victim of, or witness to, sexual harassment? 

Thank you for your help in making LVC a safe, friendly, and welcoming place for all students, staff, and faculty.

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